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29 Apr,2017
Hasher Mine PAYING
0.42 % - 1 % per hour for life time project
1500% RCB
0.33 % - 0.5 % per hour for life time project
300% RCB
26 Apr,2017
Coin Hash PAYING
1 % - 5 % Daily Until Earning Reaches 150%
2600% RCB
24 Apr,2017
Eco Tobacco Limited PAYING
0.9-4% per day
2500% RCB
Bit Flare PAYING
0.15 % - 0.2 % per hour for life time project + Principal will ba can release after 24 hours with fee 5 %
850% RCB
23 Apr,2017
Bitcoin Golem PAYING
Up To 1% Hourly Forever , 9000% After 15 Days , 7000% After 4 Days
3500% RCB
19 Apr,2017
MoneyStock PAYING
6% Daily For 25 Days 2.5% Daily For 10 Days + Principal return after 10 Days 2% Daily For 5 Days + Principal Return After 5 Days 5% Daily For 30 Days 4% Daily For 40 Days 2% daily for 7 days+ principal return + NIXMONEY
1000% RCB
18 Apr,2017
Trade Accent Limited PAYING
1.3% after 1 day | 4.75% after 3 days | 10% after 5 days
350% RCB
EonInvest PAYING
1% For 200 Days 2% For 75 Days 3% For 40 Days
2700% RCB
29 Apr,2017
27 Apr,2017
X Bit Company
26 Apr,2017
X TrustBets LTD
24 Apr,2017
X ScionRise
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Eco Tobacco Limited
0.9-4% per day
Min Deposit: $10
1% For 200 Days 2% For 75 Days 3% For 40 Days
Min Deposit: $$10
Ruby Investments Life
3.2% Daily for 60 Days or 0.45 % per hour for 15 days (Principal can be released after 24 hours with fee 5 %)
Min Deposit: $10
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Add your program
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Bitrobot - Bitcoin Trader LTD

Bitrobot - Bitcoin Trader LTD-SCAM

Date Start: 24.09.2016

Legend Project: 

We are the official British company Bitcoin Trader LTD with the September 2015 deal with stock trading cryptocurrency that, by virtue of their high volatility, much more profitable than the traditional trade in currencies. Our entire team is formed from traders who in the past engaged in stock exchange transactions in the Forex market, what have been successful. However, the market cryptocurrency painted more colorful perspective, and that was a factor uniting us.


Many people want to have a passive income is high, but they believe that to do this, first you have to work. We'll be disappointed and give it the opportunity to earn and will work our program, which is called BITROBOT. Our programmers have created a unique program a robot to trade Bitcoins cryptocurrency.

The principle of operation of the program is similar to the robot work, sells the usual currencies in the Forex market. BITROBOT never wrong, concluding exclusive bargains, remaining always in profit, working round the clock without days off and lunch breaks.

our assessment: 4.42

Plans: 4.6/5         Design: 4.7/5         Support: 4.0/5         Technique: 4.4/5


-Registered company in UK  9755673
-Licansed script   H-Scrypt
-Anti-ddos: DdosGuard
-SSL sertificate+GreenBar: Comodo
-Unique design
-Original content

-language versions: English, Russian, 
-Pay. systems: PerfectMoney(verificated), Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin
-Charging: 7 days a week, 50% on weekends (E.G. deposit 100$ on first plan, in monday-friday profit 1.2$ per day, on weekends 0.6$ per day)
-Payment type: Instant
-Commission for withdrawal: no. 
-Minimum Deposit: 10$
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 1$
-Affiliate program: 6%-2%  For Representative 8%-2%
-Contacts: online chat, e-mail, phone, address, skype, telegramm



Our investment: 200 $

Our Ref. Back:


Cryptoshare Ltd

Cryptoshare Ltd-SCAM

Date Start: 27.10.2016

Legend Project: 

         If you want to earn on a cryptocurrency market, Cryptoshare Limited is ready to offer the best conditions of asset management service. We are studying the Bitcoin phenomenon since its public appearance and monitor the developments in the field of mining algorithms and cryptocurrency price formation. Possessing own impressive technology base for uninterrupted Bitcoin mining, Cryptoshare Limited provides the team of cryptocurrency traders for operating at the popular markets.
        In 2016, due to joint efforts of the British technical experts (our main equipment is in London) and the Asian trading department, the limited liability company was registered in England and later in Hong Kong under the single name Cryptoshare Limited. This step has allowed us to enter the international investment market with additional asset management service.
        We cooperate with everyone, regardless of their country of residence due to an automatic platform. This allows you to manage your assets anywhere in the world.


our assessment: 4.3

Plans: 4.0/5         Design: 4.5/5         Support: 4.5/5         Technique: 4.4/5


-Registered company in UK  10294736
-Handwritten script   
-SSL sertificate: Comodo
-Unique design
-Original content

-language versions: English 
-Pay. systems: Bitcoin
-Charging: 7 days a week
-Payment type: Instant
-Commission for withdrawal: no
-Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0005 BTC
-Affiliate program: 8%-2%-1%  
-Contacts: online chat, e-mail, phone, feedback form



Our investment: 0.38 BTC


Our Ref. Back:


Razzleton HealthCare Ltd

Razzleton HealthCare Ltd

Date Start: 19.12.2015

Legend Project: 

Razzleton HealthCare Limited invites you to participate in a highly profitable business based on wholesale distribution of medicines.

How does it work and how you can profit from it?

It is common knowledge that medical drugs play an important role in human life by ensuring direct effect of certain organic substances on the body, help fight disease and improve the quality of life. This is why investments in medical science are always relevant and profitable, as people are always concerned about their health. Due to high competition, the medical sector is very hostile to many private investors. However, wholesale drug distribution is quite promising in this regard.


our assessment: 4.7

Plans: 4.7/5         Design: 4.8/5         Support: 4.5/5         Technique: 4.8/5


-Registered company in UK  10365403
-Licansed script   GoldCoders
-Anti-ddos: DdosGuard
-SSL sertificate+GreenBar: Comodo
-Unique design
-Original content

-language versions: English, Russian, French
-Pay. systems: PerfectMoney(verified), Payeer, NixMoney, Advcash, Bitcoin
-Charging: for dayli plan - 7 days a week , for after days plan - 5 days a weeks
-Payment type: Manual
-Commission for withdrawal: no
-Minimum Deposit: 10$
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 0.1$
-Affiliate program: 7%-2%-1%  For Representative 10%-3%-1%
-Contacts: online chat, e-mail, phone, address, feedback form, skype, facebook, twitter, vk, telegramm



Our investment: 200$


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Dr. Bit Investments Ltd

Dr. Bit Investments Ltd-SCAM

Date Start: 24.10.2016

Legend Project: 

The GLOBAL DR.BIT INVESTMENTS LTD is a cloudmining platform. We are engaged in cryptocurrency mining using the latest technologies, hardware and software. Also we are always looking for active investors to take them to rent a part of our mining capacity. 
          Thanks to our engineers, financial experts and marketing team, GLOBAL DR.BIT INVESTMENTS LTD also provides cryptocurrency trading and filling the reserve fund for the safety of both ours and clients assets. Investing your money here you can always feel confident about your stable and outstanding income. 
          There is no restriction policy applied to membership when it comes to citizenship, geographical location our any other outside related factor. Any participant from any part of the world is welcome to join, to benefit from Bitcoin cloud mining services that we provide as well as use ours other available services. 
          Join our company, grow your wealth and get stable profits by investing, invite your friends, co-workers and earn even more. 
          Today, there is a number of well known corporations and individuals who found GLOBAL DR.BIT INVESTMENTS LTD as a rewarding place to invest and earn up to 90% per month for their investments. We hope you will join our company and discover the rewards for yourself.

our assessment: 4.0

Plans: 4.0/5         Design: 4.0/5         Support: 4.0/5         Technique: 4.0/5


-Anti-ddos: Cloudflare
-SSL sertificate: Comodo
-Unique design

-language versions: English, Russian, 
-Pay. systems: Bitcoin
-Charging: 7 days a week
-Payment type: Instant
-Commission for withdrawal: no. For withdrawal deposit - 5%
-Minimum Deposit: 0.01 BTC
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0005 BTC
-Affiliate program: 5%
-Contacts: e-mail, feedback form













Our investment: 200 $

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Ssarini Limited-SCAM

Date Start: 22.06.2016

Legend Project: SSARINI LIMITED is an investment company. Company is based on the principles of transparency and maximum efficiency. With the aim of not risking our company began its activity.
Our overarching goal is clear – we must ensure a planned and stable development of the company. 


This part of our business provides a constant and a stable income. Invests the funds in diversified portfolios of liquid assets, in order to be able to respond quickly and smoothly to unforeseen liquidity requirements and thus to increase total assets of our company and our investors.

SSARINI is developed in two main directions that secure a high margin:

- Diversification off investment and group lending. If you invest into this direction you should know:

  1. investing a small amount, investor has outstanding portfolio consisting of several loans.
  2. investor may finance a small part of his loan. And as others investor can divide income and risks.


Redemption of public debt. Many people know that banks put their problem credit portfolios on a sale. The price from these portfolios is 10-12 per cent of their original cost. By participating in the redemption of such debt the investor’s profits in this direction can range from 50% and more.

our assessment: 4.6

Plans: 4.4/5         Design: 4.6/5         Support: 4.8/5         Technique: 4.5/5


-Registered company in UK 10090286 
-Licensed H-script
-Anti-ddos: Ddos-Guard
-SSL sertificate: Comodo
-Unique design
-Original content

-language versions: English, Russian, Chinese
-Pay. systems: PerfectMoney(verified), Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, OkPay, YandexMoney, Neteller, Skrill, Qiwi
-Charging: 7 days a week
-Payment type: Instant
-Commission for withdrawal: no
-Minimum Deposit: 10$
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 0.01$
-Affiliate program: 7%-3% For representative -10%-3%-1%
-Contacts: online support, e-mail, phone, address, feedback form, Vk, Facebook


Investment plans with the withdrawal of the Deposit every day

                       11% per day for 10 days (10-50$)
                4.67% per day for 30 days (51-250$)
                3.71% per day for 45 days (251-500$)
                3.37% per day for 60 days (501-1000$)
                3.23% per day for 75 days (1001-2000$)
                3.22% per day for 90 days (2001-5000$)



Investment plans without return of the Deposit / Deposit for the lifetime of the project

                     1.1% per day (25-100$)
                      1.3% per day (50-200$)
                      1.6% per day (100-400$)
                      1.9% per day (150-600$)
                      2.2% per day (200-800$)
                      2.5% per day (250-1000$)



Our investment: 250$


Our Ref. Back:


Tokyo Investment

Tokyo Investment Company

Date Start: 16.11.2015

Legend Project: Tokyo Investment Company it's the easiest chance to get an income from investments in the Forex. The company was founded to make modern financial market accessible to everyone. We offer customers the opportunity to earn, without personal involvement in money turnover. The official date of the founding of Tokyo Investment Company is June 27, 2014. Its founders and non-replaceable leaders for today are Japanese businessmen Ichiro Takeuchi, Kazuki Mariyatsu, Nikko Yamaguti, as well as a successful Russian businessman Vyacheslav Nikiforov. The large experience in organizing and running their own businesses has enabled them to find very quickly and connect to work of traders company with extensive experience of committing successful transactions on the Forex market. November 16, 2015 it was successfully launched in the network. Our main and the only office is situated in Tokyo. Our company works with investors from all over the world and offers them a very high percentage of income obtained as a result of the withdrawal on the Forex market. We offer transparent and profitable scheme of cooperation, which confirms our competence and excludes any risk for our customers:
-Investors invest in Investment Company Tokyo, and we conclude with them the contract on cooperation.
-We derive the resulting funds from investors on the financial market.
-Traders with extensive experience implementing trade around the clock on all of our sites and do everything to achieve maximum income.
-Received from sales of profit we will pay to investors in the form of daily interest, leaving only the agreed portion of the money.


The Tokyo Investment Company clients get a reliable guarantee regarding the safety of their funds, which is available in the form of a contract. After signing the contract and transfer money to the account of the company in obligations of the investor only has to maintain control over the correctness of the translation of daily interest. Thus, we offer investors the opportunity to receive almost passive income.

our assessment: 4.4

Plans: 4/5         Design: 4/5         Support: 5/5         Technique: 4.5/5


-Registered company
-Handwritten script
-Anti-ddos: KODDOS
-SSL sertificate: Comodo
-Unique design
-Original content

-language versions: English, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese
-Pay. systems: Visa/Master Card, YandexMoney, PerfectMoney(verified), Payeer, NixMoney, Advcash
-Charging: 5 days a week
-Payment type: Manual
-Commission for withdrawal: no
-Minimum Deposit: 10$
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 10.00$
-Affiliate program: 5%
-Contacts: online chat, e-mail, phone, address, feedback form.


Our investment: 15$


Our Ref. Back:

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