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** Do not invest in sites with plans "after...minutes" and "after 1 hour" & in sites with domains .tk .ml .cf .gq .ga !!!

29 Apr,2017
Hasher Mine PAYING
0.42 % - 1 % per hour for life time project
1500% RCB
0.33 % - 0.5 % per hour for life time project
300% RCB
26 Apr,2017
Coin Hash PAYING
1 % - 5 % Daily Until Earning Reaches 150%
2600% RCB
24 Apr,2017
Eco Tobacco Limited PAYING
0.9-4% per day
2500% RCB
Bit Flare PAYING
0.15 % - 0.2 % per hour for life time project + Principal will ba can release after 24 hours with fee 5 %
850% RCB
23 Apr,2017
Bitcoin Golem PAYING
Up To 1% Hourly Forever , 9000% After 15 Days , 7000% After 4 Days
3500% RCB
19 Apr,2017
MoneyStock PAYING
6% Daily For 25 Days 2.5% Daily For 10 Days + Principal return after 10 Days 2% Daily For 5 Days + Principal Return After 5 Days 5% Daily For 30 Days 4% Daily For 40 Days 2% daily for 7 days+ principal return + NIXMONEY
1000% RCB
18 Apr,2017
Trade Accent Limited PAYING
1.3% after 1 day | 4.75% after 3 days | 10% after 5 days
350% RCB
EonInvest PAYING
1% For 200 Days 2% For 75 Days 3% For 40 Days
2700% RCB
29 Apr,2017
27 Apr,2017
X Bit Company
26 Apr,2017
X TrustBets LTD
24 Apr,2017
X ScionRise
Elite Sticky Programs
Eco Tobacco Limited
0.9-4% per day
Min Deposit: $10
1% For 200 Days 2% For 75 Days 3% For 40 Days
Min Deposit: $$10
Ruby Investments Life
3.2% Daily for 60 Days or 0.45 % per hour for 15 days (Principal can be released after 24 hours with fee 5 %)
Min Deposit: $10
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Tokyo Investment

Tokyo Investment Company

Date Start: 16.11.2015

Legend Project: Tokyo Investment Company it's the easiest chance to get an income from investments in the Forex. The company was founded to make modern financial market accessible to everyone. We offer customers the opportunity to earn, without personal involvement in money turnover. The official date of the founding of Tokyo Investment Company is June 27, 2014. Its founders and non-replaceable leaders for today are Japanese businessmen Ichiro Takeuchi, Kazuki Mariyatsu, Nikko Yamaguti, as well as a successful Russian businessman Vyacheslav Nikiforov. The large experience in organizing and running their own businesses has enabled them to find very quickly and connect to work of traders company with extensive experience of committing successful transactions on the Forex market. November 16, 2015 it was successfully launched in the network. Our main and the only office is situated in Tokyo. Our company works with investors from all over the world and offers them a very high percentage of income obtained as a result of the withdrawal on the Forex market. We offer transparent and profitable scheme of cooperation, which confirms our competence and excludes any risk for our customers:
-Investors invest in Investment Company Tokyo, and we conclude with them the contract on cooperation.
-We derive the resulting funds from investors on the financial market.
-Traders with extensive experience implementing trade around the clock on all of our sites and do everything to achieve maximum income.
-Received from sales of profit we will pay to investors in the form of daily interest, leaving only the agreed portion of the money.


The Tokyo Investment Company clients get a reliable guarantee regarding the safety of their funds, which is available in the form of a contract. After signing the contract and transfer money to the account of the company in obligations of the investor only has to maintain control over the correctness of the translation of daily interest. Thus, we offer investors the opportunity to receive almost passive income.

our assessment: 4.4

Plans: 4/5         Design: 4/5         Support: 5/5         Technique: 4.5/5


-Registered company
-Handwritten script
-Anti-ddos: KODDOS
-SSL sertificate: Comodo
-Unique design
-Original content

-language versions: English, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese
-Pay. systems: Visa/Master Card, YandexMoney, PerfectMoney(verified), Payeer, NixMoney, Advcash
-Charging: 5 days a week
-Payment type: Manual
-Commission for withdrawal: no
-Minimum Deposit: 10$
-The minimum withdrawal amount: 10.00$
-Affiliate program: 5%
-Contacts: online chat, e-mail, phone, address, feedback form.


Our investment: 15$


Our Ref. Back:

HYIP Dictionary

Compounding - part of your interest is reinvested back to "initial investment" in case to generate more profit. Never use compounding for any deposit.
RCB - also known as refback, when you place deposit under some RCB monitor what pays you back commission what he has received from your deposit.
Alexa - also known as Alexa rankings, is semi-valid rankings what HYIP people use to check how popular is some given HYIP website.
Domain - domain is the website name what you see in your internet browser, for example, or
Hosting - is the place where website physically is located, usually it is some server from some HYIP hosting.
SSL Encryption - is an encryption what encrypts data/connection between your computer and HYIP website, so no one can capture your passwords or other information what you are exchanging.
DDOS Attack - it is when some party (usually hackers) flood website with countless requests and for that time website is not accessible.
ROI - return of investment - is how much profit your investment will return.
Black December - period when usually scams big part of HYIPs (before the Christmas).
Break even - it is the point when you earn back your invested money and after that all the rest is your profit.
Referral program - also known as affiliate program, is program what says how much you will earn from the person what you attract to the program.
Payment processor - is payment system what allows you to invest in HYIP.
Admin - a person or a group of persons who run a HYIP.
Principal - your initial investment amount.
Calendar days - project what is paying profit 7 days per week.
Business days - also known as working days, project what is paying 5 days per week.
Monitor - website what monitors a HYIP and shows if HYIP is paying or not. Monitors does not guarantee profit!
SCAM - in world of HYIPs scam usually mean that program has stopped paying.

Manual payments - payments paid by HYIP admin with "hands" manually.
Instant payments - payments made automatically when you request them from the user panel of HYIP program.
Automatic payments - payments made automatically without requesting them.

Long term program - program what pays small interest rate daily usually for more then 100 days. Sometimes such programs offers "principal back" feature in the end of investment term.
Short term program - program what pays for relatively short period of time, usually investment plans have included interest in daily payments, for 10 till 50 days.
After-one-day program - program what have investment plans what pays after one day, like 103% after one day where 3% of that is your profit.
Piggy bank program - program what allows you to withdraw your initial investment any time.

Money for our investors.

Dear friends, we have been investing in HYIPs for over 5 years and we know how frustrating when the program turns out to be a SCAM. So we decided at the end of each month to return part of the funds if the program is in Scam not having worked a single lap. Everyone who makes a Deposit through our link will receive % from your Deposit, if the program will be in Scam. For this You will need to fill out a contact form, where you need to write a program, Your username in the program and PerfectMoney wallet. We strive for Your sustainable income.
What is HYIP?

HYIP ,which stands for High Yield Investment Program, is a program which offers high yield investment .It is the most profitable investment program offering interest rates ranging anywhere between 5 – 250% a month.
HYIP's are using different investment strategies to generate high returns. They are involved in capital management, such as Forex trading, stock exchange, sports betting, metal trading etc. There are even HYIPs investing in other HYIPs. There are also programs that are not investing at all. These belong to the scammers.
High Yield Investment Programs carry their daily activites via the Internet. They typically accept investments of $10 or less while promising high returns.
Perfect Money is the easiest and the most effective system of international electronic settlements. It is optimal for participation in high yield investment programs as it makes it possible to get the earned money instantly.As it is suitable form of online payment system that works around the globe, HYIPs operate worldwide and accept large numbers of small investments.
Most High Yield Investment Programs do not survive for very long , turning out to be a scam. Scam HYIPs are Ponzi schemes. A Ponzi scheme is an investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns ("profits") to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from net revenues generated by any real business.This approach allows the scam to continue as long as new investors are found and/or old investors leave their money in the scheme, known as compounding (because even higher profits are promised).
Taking both the negative and positive aspects of High Yield Investments into consideration, the conclusion is; if done right, High Yield Investments can be extremely lucrative.
If you are considering on making an investment in a HYIP be certain to do diligent research first. You should also learn the HYIP techniques and strategies to come up with nice return on your investment. has been successfully launched!

We are here to introduce to as much HYIP investors possible, and we want to briefly explain about cons and pros of each promising HYIP listing. One of our aims at is to provide a convenient and efficient service We will surely keep it up. We are here to become a trusted monitor among hundreds of others who are interested only in profit from investors money. Invest now and get paid tomorrow! The only way to make easy money online. we are strict about HYIPs Status We invested into listed programs from our pocket what is the secret of REAL PAYING STATUS! Only stable programs. Make money and save your earnings!

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that all HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. We do not promote or endorse any programs listed here. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Paying status and others status is for this monitor not for your. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are yours. All new hyips. DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE! Данный сайт имеет исключительно информационное предназначение и не является рекламным сайтом инвестиционных проектов. Мы не являемся создателями/администраторами ни одного из проектов. Не делайте инвестиции, если Вы не уверены в проекте. И никогда не вкладывайте больше, чем можете позволить себе потерять.

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